15-18 May 2016: International Concrete Sustainability Conference (Washington DC, USA)


The 11th annual International Concrete Sustainability Conference (2016 ICSC) provides learning opportunities on the latest advances, knowledge, research, tools and solutions for sustainable concrete manufacturing, design and construction. This year`s topics are: resilience, life cycle assessment, low impact development, material science, social responsibility.

Mingming Hu, Senior researcher at CML – Institute of Environmental Sciences Leiden University, will explain the first findings of HISER project on Sustainable Concrete Value Chain at 2016 ICSC.

CML's role in the HISER project is the (environmental and economic) Sustainability Analysis on Concrete Recovery. Through an integrated environmental life cycle assessment and economic life cycle costing analysis, the work of CML will facilitate the HISER technology development for end-of-life concrete recovery. Moreover, the mass flow analysis carried out in parallel to the life cycle assessment will provide a comprehensive understanding on the limits and improvement potentials of the environmental sustainability of concrete throughout its value chain.

HISER consortium will be represented also by Francesco Di Maio from Delft University of Technology who will give a speach about "Recycling of End of Life Concrete to New Concrete".

More information: http://www.2016icsc.org/