BIM for demolition


Since the vast majority of existing building have no digital representation, HISER proposes the creation of a specific BIM for demolition works.

The most effective workflows for creating a BIM considering the starting conditions, required level of detail, available techniques (e.g. laser scanning, photogrammetry) and existing software tools and algorithms for interpreting the point clouds are being analyzed. On top of this BIM model a web based tool with 3D interaction capabilities will be developed, usable from mobile device like a tablet PC. Currently the specifications for the tool are being finalized, considering both functional requirements from end-users and technical aspects about the software architecture to support it.

In relation to the former, the first objective is to provide an easy interface to make an on-site inventory linking each building component to a predefined product database, supported by simple questionnaires to characterize the components and the building constraints and surrounding. In the case of non-visible items (e.g. hidden metals, cables, installations, etc.) expert rules will be implemented which estimate quantities based on basic input data (room sizes, number and location of luminaires and power switches, etc.). The second objective is to develop a smart analysis module to extract all the required information from the BIM and orient the user in the most convenient alternative for managing the materials, considering building type, country, distance to recycling plants, fees for disposal, etc. Finally, interfaces will be developed to connect the tool with commercial Facility Management tools like ACTIVe3D (from partner Archimen), developing the required import/export mechanism.